Look what I have!! Ehehehehe :3



More work sketches. I thought I would branch out and draw other things besides Thor and Loki today.


boner for doodles + Thor//Loki : the anime


Everything looks so epic in black and white.  The shadow picture may honestly be my all time favorite cosplay shot, though it is hard to choose.  Siffy does such a great job making every picture look amazing.  ^_^


One of my favorite things about cosplaying is getting to interact with the people around me.  Going to the comicbook store as Loki for my first photoshoot is still such a fond memory of mine.  It’s great to be able to put a smile on someone’s face and know that they’ll have something interesting to go home and tell their friends about.

And when Siffy and I went downtown — oh, we heard so many wonderful reactions!  ^_^  I should go out dressed as Loki more.  Keep of spreading the joy of cosplay.  ^_~

Me: -sees a picture of Loki- ...I want your three horns....
Twin: .....
Cousin: .....
Me: .....


LOL! This video is cleverly edited and is filled with Thorki goodness! It’s hilarious too 


This music will forever remind me of Loki/Tom Hiddleston!! ♥ Why is Loki not strutting into my bedroom when I play this song?? WHY!?


Lopti and I went on a roadtrip this weekend and managed to squeeze in a short photoshoot. Here are some of my favorites…I’m sure she’ll be cycling in the others over on her page. :)


Just a few more, because I’m too giddy not to share. My Sif shield just came in and I’m about to run and pick it up…expect more pictures than you could ever possibly want later. ^^